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About Us

Fulcrum Health, Inc. (Fulcrum) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to improve the quality of life of our communities by delivering high value health care networks and support services. We develop innovative and inspiring ways to leverage physical medicine that help you not only lower costs, but also achieve better outcomes and increased satisfaction.

Over 30 years ago, Fulcrum developed its legacy product ChiroCare, the Upper Midwest’s largest independent network of chiropractors. Fulcrum also offers AcuNet, a credentialed network of acupuncturists serving the Upper Midwest. We work with our customers to design customized products and support services with a steady focus on patient-centered quality care.

Why Fulcrum? A fulcrum is the support on which a lever pivots, enabling leverage. Used figuratively, it’s what allows a significant goal to be achieved. It suggests the power to do more. Our logo uses the letter “f” to represent the idea of a fulcrum. It symbolizes the intersection of physical medicine with traditional medicine, and embodies the concepts of inspiration, compassion, vigor, ambition, and balance.