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Partners with Distinction 2021

Partners With Distinction 2021Fulcrum Health is proud to present our 2021 Partners with Distinction Awards.

We recognize providers who are working to change the way their clinic delivers patient-centered care or have created a successful team-based care approach.

We celebrate providers within these three categories of achievement:

  1. Innovations in Conservative Care
  2. Bridging the Gap of Team-based Care
  3. Partner Recognition

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Innovations in Conservative Care

Clinics in this category have demonstrated process changes that result in continual, sustainable improvement for conservative care to facilitate patients back to functional health as efficiently as possible. 

Gerhardson Chiropractic has developed a mobile rehab unit that provides rehabilitative services to those with mental or physical disabilities that would otherwise not be able to get to a gym or clinic.

Finding and creating a mobile unit came with unique challenges in terms of finding equipment that could be installed properly as well as staff who are trained in adaptive rehab.

This mobile unit allows us to bring more options for care to an underserved population in our community to improve rehab, strength, and the ability to continue living alone for those with physical and mental disabilities.  We also offer ways to get payment covered through county programs available to this population.

  • Kocken Chiropractic
  • Vitality Chiropractic & Wellness

Bridging the Gap of Team-Based Care

In this category, we would like to recognize clinics who have successfully demonstrated a multi-disciplinary team-based care approach to delivering high-quality patient care.

The chiropractic providers are integrated into the physical medicine department at our local hospital clinic system.  We are not a stand-alone department and instead are part of a team of providers with a variety of treatment options for our patients.  We are a portal of entry into our spine center and physical medicine department, often via primary care providers or simply self-referrals.

We work daily with our physical therapy and physical medicine colleagues and order imaging as needed for medical necessity. If patients are better served with another specialty or provider, we are quickly able to arrange those referrals as well. Since we are on staff, we have access to prior notes and images so we know our patients’ history prior to even meeting them.

We see patients in a timely manner, give short-term treatment plans, refer out as necessary, utilize our colleagues for acute care help, work with physical therapy for chronic complaints, and we are friendly and approachable with staff and colleagues.

  • Northwood Chiropractic and Wellness
  • Community Care Clinic
  • Gerhardson Chiropractic

Partner Recognition

And, finally, we would like to recognize practitioners who have been nominated by a doctor of chiropractic outside of their specialty whom have had successful collaboration. 

Dr. Gardner, an orthopedic surgeon, was instrumental in getting chiropractors on staff in the hospital system as well as working with the local district of the ND Chiropractic Association to get improved patient access to and from the health system. This has given local chiropractic providers the ability to make timely and appropriate referrals when needed for improved patient experience and better clinical outcomes.

Steven is a Physical Therapist by training and in a manager position at Allina Health. He has been instrumental in the collaboration between physical therapy and chiropractic services at Allina Health. He is visionary in his thinking and focuses on what is best for the patient.  We have had the privilege of working together to open up direct referrals to PT for the MedX program as well and removing barriers and encouraging referrals from PT to chiropractors. Steven has an amazing group of physical therapists that also focus on directing patients to the right service for the right care at the right time.

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